The Middle West Review is a biannual, interdisciplinary, scholarly journal about the American Midwest to be published beginning in September 2014 by the University of Nebraska Press. It aims to explore the significance of midwestern identity, geography, society, culture, and politics. What states belong within the Midwest? Is the Midwest inherently rural? With the concomitant rise of both the Sunbelt and the Rust Belt, does the Midwest have a particular economic identity? Beyond diction, pastoralism, and self-deprecation, what traditions define the Midwest? We urge scholars and nonscholars alike to probe these and other questions in thoughtful submissions to the Middle West Review. For more on submitting written essays, photo essays, multimedia, and other materials, please consult the Submissions page.

The Middle West Review works in conjunction with the Midwestern History Association to advocate renewed scholarly attention to the study of the Midwest. Its editorial board consists of scholars at various academic and nonacademic institutions. A peer-reviewed journal, the Middle West Review seeks to reach a popular audience while also remaining on the cutting edge of scholarly inquiry. To these ends, the Middle West Review encourages submissions of all varieties, especially those that push the boundaries of interdisciplinarity and interactivity.

Please direct any questions or comments to uimiddle@gmail.com. You can also follow the Midwestern History Association on Twitter @mwhwg.


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